Dear Friends and Loyal Supporters:


Chartreuse Soy Candles is evolving into Sawyer Candle Co. in its second year of business. A year and a half ago, cease and desist letters and the intricate business of intellectual and trademark property attorneys were far removed from my vocabulary. While Chartreuse is registered with Indiana as an LLC and legitimate business, it turns out there is a trademark  conflict with the name that requires expensive legal fees and litigation that I, the owner, Annie Orrill, have chosen not to pursue.

Instead, I am excited to create with the same loving care and attention to detail, my hand-crafted soy candle that will be now known as Sawyer Candle Co.

While my packaging, prices, personalized products, and quality will not change, the look and label will.  My longtime friend and talented graphic designer, Cassie Tam, will be the creative brain behind my new branding.

Thank you, Chartreuse customers, for your patronage. The new label will be appearing in September, but Chartreuse candles are still available, and there will be no lapse in service.

In addition, businesses currently carrying the Chartreuse line will be allowed to sell through their current stock, but will begin to receive the new branding upon replenishment.

Finally, the former will automatically redirect to the new website, All other social media sites, and our Etsy shop will also be changing names. Appropriate links below.


Thank you for your continued support,

Annie Orrill